Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cheating just a bit.

Yes, I cheated and skipped a thing. I looked at Prezi and decided it was going to take me awhile to do it and I needed to be rested. By Thursday I'm usually starting to lag abit so I think I'll wait until next week to learn Prezi. Also I'm used to Youtube although I've never embedded anything before. I found 2 videos I wanted to share so here goes....

This is such a lovely video in the midst of so much pain and loss. Both dogs were rescued and are being cared for. Dogs are such amazing loyal creatures.

My Favourite Knowledge Device

As for the question Feeling brave?? Nope, nada, not a chance, nyet.


  1. The first video breaks my heart, in a good way. The second one makes me laugh. Both support long held opinions of mine. Thanks.

  2. Wonderful videos - thank you Marilyn.