Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Catching up

My vacation was lovely, thank you very much. I noticed (from the warmth of my living room with my tea in hand, still in my jammies) that I missed alot of very cold and ugly weather. More luck than brains but I'll take it.
But, now I'm back with a backlog from h**l and checking out the Things I missed. I did very well on the spreadsheet. I have such an aversion to spreadsheets. Despite Laurie Bird's hand-holding and assignments even a toddler could do I have not been able to learn spreadsheets. It's a mental block thing and I have a few of them. I've given myself permission to have them.  But really...will I need it in retirement? I think not. However this spreadsheet was so simple even "I" could do it. So my name has been added to the list and I have checked off my completed things. I also mastered Google Docs. Well, mastered might be exaggerating just a tad but I did finish the assignment. I thought Google Docs was quite user friendly. I can see it being used as an office tool. (If I remember months from now that it exists). I thought I had mastered blogging but I spent a disturbing amount of time just now trying to remember how to create a new post. So maybe mastered isn't the most accurate descriptor. Onward to Thing next. (forgot the number). Oh my gosh, I just discovered that if you start typing thing in the labels it shows you the previous things you've typed in. So now I know. It's Thing 8 next up.

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