Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More minutiae

This is turning into 23 Things I Did NOT have a Clue about.  I suppose that’s the whole point of participating in something like this but my goodness, you’d think I’d have picked up some of this stuff along the way. RSS feeds? Nope, nothing, nada.   I just hope I’m not squeezing out anything important to make room for all this new knowledge.  I suppose I’ll never know ;-)

 I have successfully completed Week 3. Leah (my own personal ThingPerson..I love her) helped me put the 23 Things on my i-g page last week. She showed me how to add the RSS feed (I nodded knowingly, not wanting to admit I had no clue what an RSS feed was). But now I know and I've been adding RSS feeds this morning. But I prefer to add them to my i-g page and not the Google Reader. I'm just adding more tabs to i-google and making it neat and efficient. I think I prefer the i-g page to the Reader. (They are probably apples and oranges and I've missed the point of the Reader).

The boys are fine. They remind me of my sons when they were growing up. They head butt each other, one gets trapped in a corner and the other one immediately gets behind him and refuses to let him move. I can almost hear the plaintive "Mommmmm".  (This is how I know they are boys. ;-)). I still have to feed them at opposite ends of the cage/box or they will fight over the turtle kibble. I am very fond of them.

3 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes...(not that I'm counting). ;-)

I have been enjoying reading others' blog posts. I'm going to start leaving comments. And maybe start putting funny youtube videos on my blog. And art. And other stuff. (I'm so savvy...not).

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  1. I am honoured to be your personal ThingPerson (hmm, so many variations on that word these days). As long as you keep me laughing. =)