Sunday, June 19, 2011


Family is everything (I don't care if you and your sister have had issues forever...get along!)

Duct Tape is king (was there anything Dad couldn't repair with duct tape? Vacuum hoses, garden hoses, briefcases, chairs..and it's DUCT tape not DUCK tape okay???)

Scotch neat.  ('Nuff said)

Men excel at cooking (so what if it took him 75 years to embrace this, he was a late bloomer)

Pregnant daughters need extra care. (I'll always remember the winter night he left his wife to navigate the icy sidewalk alone to take my arm and get me safely to the car...hey..she wasn't pregnant was she?)

There's nothing wimpy about growing gladioli. Amazing beautiful gladioli.

When he called me a dough-head it was said affectionately of course....

Music is one of life's necessities.

Be good to your Mother. Be good to your Mother. Be good to your Mother. (I still believe Dad sent the swarm of mosquitoes to attack me at the cemetary that day in late September.  I had visited him and whined that I was finding it hard to deal with the stress of visiting Mom in her advanced state of dementia...."Suck it up buttercup and visit your Mother! Oh, and stop whining")

Stubbornness is an admirable trait. (And no we WON'T debate it)

Don't spend money you don't have (I'm still struggling with that one, dough-head that I am)

Books are another of life's necessities.

When someone needs help, just do it!

Do it anonymously if possible.

Stop whining about your job. Seriously. Stop it!

Stop whining about the weather. It is what it is.

It's just a cold/flu/cut/bruise. It'll pass. Stop whining.

You know what...just stop whining .. period.

Happy Father's Day Dad. I miss you and I love you!